Mommy to the Max is a web show designed to help moms become better parents and wives by offering practical every day tips on how to maximize their relationships. That doesn’t make the creators of Mommy to the Max relationship experts. We’re simply parents who are seeking answers to tough questions. And when we find those answers, we like to share them.

So when you tune in to the weekly show, expect to find guest appearances from every day women who are living to the max and willing to share some of their secrets plus regular segments on how to maximize your family time, your couple time and your “me” time. The show will also include input from people just like you who have found ways to maximize their lives in those areas as well.

Being a mom can be tough. But it’s time to stop settling and start maximizing. Our families deserve it.

About Your Host

Over the years, Kim has had a lot of jobs: she’s been a reporter, a teacher, a Census worker and even the girl in the Spot the Dog costume at a certain big box bookstore. But the two jobs she’s loved the most have been wife to her college sweetheart Fred and mother to three kids: her daughter Nee, her son N and her son X.

After graduating from Howard University in Washington, D.C. with a bachelor’s degree in print journalism, the St. Louis native worked as a reporter for newspapers and news magazines throughout the Southeast. She finally settled in her husband’s home state of Texas more than a decade ago.

As a former middle school teacher, Kim has a passion for children and families – and not just hers. She is active in her church home as well as in the community working with children. It’s this passion that led to Mommy to the Max, through which Kim hopes to provide families with resources to strengthen their bonds and ultimately improve the lives of children.

  • Eulyses Jones

    Outstanding!!! Kim, you are beautiful and interesting to listen to. I enjoyed your guest also.

  • Dottie Hershey

    WOW. I am so impressed that you both have put your talents and education together to help other families. I like it very much. Wishing you success.